MGRID talk @ PostgreSQL conference Europe 2011

Last week was the PostgreSQL conference Europe in Amsterdam, where I presented a talk about the MGRID Healthcare Datatypes (pdf, 4MB). We have presented the datatypes before for audiences that are familiar to the datatype standard, but did not know PostgreSQL. This time it was the other way around.

The other talks I attended were diverse and interesting, there's so much going on with PostgreSQL at the moment! I knew about the 9.1 feature serializable snapshot isolation, SSI in short, and that it offers a higher level of transaction isolation than was previously possible. What I did not know was that SSI is beyond what commercial RDBMS vendors can guarantee. So transactions in PostgreSQL are actually safer than in any commercial RDBMS!

Another important feature of 9.1 is synchronous replication, which enables to create setups that can provide up to as much nines of durability that are necessary, by adding synchronous replicas. I was one of the reviewers of that specific patch, and I was very impressed by the ease of use of it, compared to the replication setup nightmare I know from a commercial vendor.

PostGIS talks are always fun to watch with great visualizations, I believe that GIS features and visualization together with Healthcare Datatypes can provide functionality for clinical research solutions that are very useful to researchers, but also the pearls on the work list of software engineers. I expect much from this in the future.

A growing list of presentations are available online.

Many thanks to the organizers, the conference was a great success!