BI Explorer - Dataset Exploration

MGRID BI Explorer is a healthcare data exploration and pivoting tool. Purpose written for healthcare, the Explorer can filter, group and pivot a dataset to provide quick answers to business intelligence questions, select patients that fit a certain profile and prepare queries to use as a basis for reporting tools.

BI Explorer includes the following features:

  • Multi tenant deployment in SaaS environments
  • Data filtering on date, demographics, treatment (diagnose, physician, type of medication etc.), process (number of encounters, date of procedure, etc.) and lab results
  • Include or exclude data columns
  • Grouping on e.g. organization with standard aggregates such as count and median
  • Group fractions, to select e.g. fraction of patients within an organisation with BMI < 30
  • Pivoting supports aggregates over more specialized groups. For instance, pivot on gender to break down the fraction of patients with BMI < 30 into a fraction for man and a fraction for woman.
  • Store a combination of filters, groupings and pivots as a ‘preset’
  • Share presets with other users
  • Service provider can add standard quality measures as presets, to allow users to start looking at a particular set of patients that are outside treatment bandwidth, and drill down from there.
  • Export data as CSV
  • Export data as SQL query for inclusion in a reporting tool
  • Brandable with custom user interface

BI Explorer has been successfully deployed to deliver the following kinds of reports:

  • Cross-organization competitive analysis
  • Cross-practitioner competitive analysis
  • Deviation of organization performance
  • Outliers as defined by national parameters
  • Outliers relative to a custom patient group
  • Risk factor analysis
  • Data analysis comparing medication to lab results
  • Trend analysis, trend in the process
  • Trend analysis, trend on observed values

BI Explorer is complementary with and designed to operate as a pre-processing step for existing reporting tools. Contact us for more information or a demonstration.

BI Explorer