XFM - Message Transformation

MGRID Message Transformation XFM provides messaging based infrastructure for the exchange of healthcare data between medical data sources and systems for secondary usage reporting and analytics. Built upon RabbitMQ from the Pivotal Big Data suite, with XFM thousands of healthcare messages per second can be received, transformed and loaded into the Healthcare Data Model.

Functionality of XFM includes:

  • Routing of HL7v2, v3 and FHIR messages
  • Message validation
  • XML to SQL transformation
  • Custom transformers
  • Message aggregation
  • Message constraint checking
  • Data pre-processing
  • Database loading
  • Automatic deployment and scaling of components on virtualization and private clouds.
  • XFM dashboard

The scalability of XFM has been proofed as part of the Portavita Benchmark, the first Big Data Healthcare Benchmark. XFM plays a central role in the Portavita Benchmark. During data generation, thousands of synthetic CDA XML and FHIR messages are generated every second, and send to XFM. XFM orchestrates message transformation, validation, loading into micro-databases and copying the micro-databases in batches to the target Healthcare Data Model database.

Part of XFM is the Messaging SDK (MSG). With this SDK, parsers can be generated for custom HL7v3 message types. These parsers validate and convert XML to SQL.
MGRID supplies parsers for HL7 supplied messages types such as CDA and Consolidated-CDA as part of the distribution.

Data Integration