Reporting for Healthcare

Healthcare data reporting ranges from mandatory regulated quality reports to reports that facilitate treatment planning over active patients. The main objective is to transform consolidated medical information into answers to business questions, such as:

  • Determine which patients are outside treatment bandwidth. This is especially important for chronic diseases, where the patient might participate and have limited real-life interaction with care professionals.
  • Quickly determine a cohort of patients with a particular set of observations relevant to a new analytical study.
  • Benchmark treatment centers A & B for a particular treatment of chronic patients.
  • Determine treatment efficacy over total patient population.

Conceptually progressing from medical data to a report requires the following steps:

  • Data ingress and consolidation (see Data Integration).
  • Report definition: identify the required information.
  • Data preparation: transform repository facts to potential aggregated report facts.
  • Visualisation: deliver a list or graph (csv, pdf).
  • Validation: given test data, does the transformation process report what we expect?

Data can be prepared in a number of ways:

  • Using MGRID Aperture to distill the clinical repository to the required facts.
  • For commonly used ingest formats such as CDA R2, CDA R3 and CCDA, MGRID offers a process that automatically returns a view of all observations per patient.

BI Explorer facilitates report definition by drilling down into the prepared base reporting tables. Here queries can be constructed visually, and shared between users. Note that queries which underlie government mandated reports can be identified and shared between all Explorer users.

When all queries needed for a particular report have been constructed, they can be embedded into a report on the MGRID report server, which allows clinicians or administrators direct access to a PDF rendition for a specified period. Drill-down is supported by diving down into a specific stored query in BI Explorer. Our policy is to develop mandatory reports for a particular locality once, and then distribute them to all of our customers.