2. IntroductionΒΆ

Aperture is a web based solution designed to prepare datasets for healthcare reporting and clinical research. Aperture includes the following features:

  • Import of data sets
  • Risk analysis on data sets
  • Integration with de-identification service
  • Cohort selection on data sets
  • Import of streaming time series data (EAVT)
  • In-database feature construction (on realtime data)
  • Create data sets from EAVT data
  • Data set publication using CSV, SFTP and database upload
  • Scheduling of data set upload
  • Accountable transformation process for reproducible research

Aperture is complementary to existing tools for data analysis and analytic workspace management, acting as a pre-processing step to produce tabular data sets for consumption by statistics and analytics tools. With Aperture the complete transformation process from raw data to tabular data is documented and versioned, which enables re-use of constructed features, and also helps reproducible research and quality assurance of the transformation process.

Built on the MGRID Healthcare Data Model, Aperture can perform in-database operations to transform physical quantity continuous variables from one unit to another, for instance from mg/dL to mmol/L.