Product brief (PDF)

Information about the MGRID healthcare data platform.

Adding HL7 version 3 data types to PostgreSQL (PDF)

Technical background about adding support for specialized healthcare datatypes to the PostgreSQL relational database server.

Portavita Benchmark: A Dataset Generator for Healthcare (PDF)

An in depth description of the Portavita Benchmark, including background on the HL7v3 Standards, building data models of real clinical data using bayesian networks, architecture of the data set generator, validation of the generated data, a summary of the benchmark queries, and finally the complete list of observations.

Privacy and security for analytics on healthcare data (PDF)

This document describes how recent HL7v3 standards can be used to capture organizational security policies and patient consent, and shows how to transform these into access control implemented on the database, for access to the data for healthcare research. This document also contains a description of the synthetic Patient Consent forms that are generated in the Portavita Benchmark.