8. Release History

8.1. Release 3.1.3 (2016-06-30)

  • Bugfix release
    • Ensure scalar HDL arrays are output the same across all supported OSes.
    • r2.TS can be promoted to r2.IVL_TS and that both can be cast to r2.QSET_TS
    • r2.II can be promoted to r2.DSET_II

8.2. Release 3.1.2 (2016-02-16)

  • Bugfix release
    • Prevent error when querying a ‘disjunctive form’ cv gist index that contains cv values not present in the code system, but allowed to pass due to the hdl.concept_input_mode setting to ‘permissive’.

8.3. Release 3.1.1 (2016-02-09)

  • Bugfix release
    • Use proper R2 CS datatype when concept_print_mode is set to complex_r2. In R2 the CS type is restricted to only the ‘code’ property.
    • Improve error message in complex type parsing when a simple value is given where the parser expects a complex type.

8.4. Release 3.1.0 (2016-02-02)

  • Bugfix release
    • Make LIST, DSET, BAG, SET, DSET, HIST ‘normal’ complex objects instead of SETs. Their ‘item’ property is a SET of objects.
    • COLL is synonymous with ANY, with no additional properties.

8.5. Release 3.0.5 (2015-12-28)

  • Move to Sphinx / Restructured text documentation

8.6. Release 3.0.4 (2015-11-04)

  • Add casts from cv to CD

8.7. Release 3.0.3 (2015-10-15)

  • Bugfix release
    • Allow post-coordinated SNOMED-CT literals as cv input
    • Move from hstore_concat to more robust jsonb_concat
    • Allocate cvout to prevent SEGV on callers pfree

8.8. Release 3.0.2 (2015-09-21)

  • Add casts and improve debugging support
    • Casts between ANY and jsonb are now supported. Since all complex types are now binary compatible with jsonb, the bi-directional cast now enables usage of all PostgreSQL functions defined for jsonb, to be used on R1 and R2 complex Healthcare Datatypes.
    • Outinfo(value) function defined for simple types shows values of internal data format
    • Add module opensource statement
    • Allow bison 3.0.2 and flex 2.5.39 to work together

8.9. Release 3.0.1 (2015-03-24)

  • Several bugfixes and cleanup related to move to jsonb format
    • Add support to read scalars at places where an array is expected
    • Remove getter functions for old hstore based storage format
    • Emit ‘true’ instead of ‘t’ at output of json booleans, to enable re-read
    • Improve escaping of protected ascii characters at json input
    • Add binary only gist index gist_ANY_ops
    • Alignment fixes
    • Add caching to gist consistent function
    • Add support for && operator on single object values

8.10. Release 3.0.0 (2015-03-10)

  • Initial adjustment to on disk compatible jsonb format
    • Since this version relies on in-core jsonb support, this version is only compatible with PostgreSQL 9.4 and higher.

8.11. Release 2.0.14 (2015-12-28)

  • Move to Sphinx / Restructured text documentation

8.12. Release 2.0.13 (2015-09-12)

  • Fix pqaccum for the case where state is not null but pq is null

8.13. Release 2.0.12 (2015-04-15)

  • Rename pg_hl7 schema to hdl

    No minor version upgrade since the pg_hl7 schema contains internal functions such as Gist support functions.

8.14. Release 2.0.11 (2015-02-26)

  • Add support for R2 complex types

8.15. Release 2.0.10 (2014-11-17)

  • Switch to INIT_CRC32C from INIT_CRC32 after commit 78b4ffc460

8.16. Release 2.0.9 (2014-10-03)

  • Documentation improvements

8.17. Release 2.0.8 (2014-08-19)

  • Automatic installation for distributed GP clusters

8.18. Release 2.0.7 (2014-08-02)

  • Add support for GP4.3
  • Improve usability of Greenplum scripts.
    • remove hardcoded GP4.2 paths from scripts
    • add 8.3 tablefunc contrib to regression and install into local GP if necessary
    • let install_hdl take PGPORT et.al. from environment as well as option
  • Let GP install use SQL files from sharedir/contrib instead of ../

8.19. Release 2.0.6 (2014-06-17)

  • Added GUC hdl.concept_print_mode=”code” to emit code only for cv
  • Fix output of infinity for unit-less pq intervals.
  • For PQ values, we now assume that there are 20% values that are comparable.

8.20. Release 2.0.5 (2014-05-28)

  • Add simple coded type to complex type translations

8.21. Release 2.0.4 (2014-05-14)

  • Add SRF each(ANY) that returns all (key,value) pairs in ANY

8.22. Release 2.0.3 (2014-04-23)

  • GP support

8.23. Release 2.0.2 (2014-03-13)

  • Initial GP support

8.24. Release 2.0.1 (2014-01-03)

  • Pre GP release

    This release adds functionality for working with the JSON complex types.

8.25. Release 2.0.0 (2013-11-06)

  • Initial Hstore based JSON complex types for R1 types

    This release adds support for complex types in JSON form for the R1 types.